OPTOCAM4H Sniper Management System

The OPTOCAM4H Sniper Management System is through sight recording system for commander & up to 4 snipers. It allows the ground command to have full control on scene from up to 4 different points of view.
The OPTOCAM4H Sniper Management System provides secure, silent communication via a marking channel, both from commanding vehicle to the field and from the spotter or sniper to the commander.


  • \Silent-visual comander-shooter communication
  • \Plug & Play, fast &easy operation
  • \Up to 4 points of view
  • \RF 2.4Hz
  • \Best solution for special forces, border control units or SWAT teams preventing smugglers and drug dealers activities
  • \TSR has zero effect on scope's field of view and image


Management Cameras headquarter receiver Transmitter system
Mounted TSR
Data cable connecting the TSR and transmitter box
Optical adapter
System charger for transmitter & receiver
CMS Remote control
Antenna for transmitter & receiver
1 Headquarter multysystem screen

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OPTOCAM4H Sniper Management System

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