Optocam BodyCam is a video & photo recording system
Footage can be used as evidence.
This is probably one of the biggest benefits of body cameras for law enforcement — the ability to use the footage later on in a court of law if necessary

Package includes:
Body camera, Charger base, USB cable, Sholder clip


WIFI/SIM card (4G) No
Weight 100gr
Battery Built-in 1800mah Lithium (LiCoO2)
Charging time 180min
Storage capacity 16g/32g/64g/128g
Recording spec Multiple recording resolutions: 1080p (30fps)/720p (30fps). Still images during recording. High quality built-in microphone
Recording angle Wide-recording angle - 120 degrees
Recording time Up to 12 hours at 1080P
Night vision Up to 10m
Waterproof IP66

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Optocam BodyCam

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