OPTOCAM TSR – Day & night Through Sight Recorder

Optocam TSR was developed in cooperation with the Israel defense forces, who requested Optronics Engineering to come up with a solution for recording and documenting its border activities. Optronic’s R&D team managed to create a prototype within two weeks, which was approved promptly and the production began immediately. the first lot was supplied two weeks later. The Optocam TSR systems are in use by the IDF and other special units since.

Optocam TSR family of through sight recording cameras is a unique recording audio and video system. Allowing the user to record his view through the scopes or spotting scopes (day and night) without any impact on his view and field of view.
Optocam TSR is the only objective documentation system used during missions, training and fun sport.

Optocam TSR systems were all designed to fit the highest mil standards, and to be easy to operate, mostly ‘plug and play’. It is robust and fits any field conditions or circumstances.

Optocam TSR systems – the best choice for law enforcement and special forces.