What eye relief compatible with the TSR SA?

The standard eye relief is 30mm, but different ER are possible upon special demands.

What is the diameter of the TSR SA?

The standard diameter is 36mm.

Is the TSR SA recording audio and video?

Yes, it is recording audio and video from the eye piece.

Is there any recording indication?

There is LED that blinks when the TSR SA is on. It is located under the cover, on the side of the top part of the product.

Is there an indication of charging on the TSR SA?

The light on the charger changes from red to green when the TSR SA is fully charged.

What is the charging time for the TSR SA?

Charging time is around 8 hours.

The button on the TSR SA is one push and leave or I have to hold it?

It is one push for ON it stays inside after push, and one push out for OFF.

Does the TSR SA comes with adaptor rings?

Normally, 3 rings, in 3 different sizes, are supplied in each case.
For TSR W – 45-46-47mm, for TSR SA, TSR WS 35,36,37mm.
Custom-made rings for specific devices can be ordered separately at purchase.

Do I have to connect the screen to the TSR SA while working? can I open the SD Card on my laptop?

No need for the screen while the TSR SA in use. The screen allows to watch the recorded video in the field during mission, training or fun activity. The SD Card can be opened and files can be copied or watched on the laptop.

What is the power source for the Optocam TSR W and TSR WS?

The power source of the units is the screen connected to the units. The working time depend on the screen working time.

If all units work attached to both day and night devices, why do you have different brochure versions?

The units work attached to both day and night devices since the Optocam records what the eye can see from the device. The only difference is the adaptors needed when using the units on day devices.

Is there an option to operate the TSR WS for spotting devices without the screen?

Since the screen is the TSR WS power source, it has to be connected. If there's a need for a stand-alone unit, you can purchase the TSR SA.

What is the the TSR WS weight?

The weight of the unit alone is around 170gr.

How wide is the TSR W?

Edge to edge is 42mm (upper part).

What is the distance from ocular rifle-scope to the back of the ocular OPTOCAM?

TSR W- eye relief is 55mm to 65mm. TSR-WS- eye relief 24mm-35mm

What is the recording time and battery life?

The TSR SA working time is around 5.5 hours, charging time is around 8 hours. External batteries are optional (can add up to 2.5 hours). Other unit source of power comes from the screen, which allows around 5 hours recording time.

How long is the cable connecting the mounted unit to the monitor in the TSR W and TSR WS system?

Both TSR W and WS come with a 1.8m cable, but it can be adjusted for long distance control track commanding unit with a 25m cable or more.

What is the difference between the TSR W (day) and TSR W NV?

There is no difference in the unit itself but what it is mounted on. A use of adapters might be needed.

Can the TSR W work with scopes mark 5 and 6?

Yes it can work with both scopes. In fact, the factor affecting the connection between the Optocam and the scope unit is only the diameter of the eye piece and the eye relief distance. Please check each TSR models' spec.

Can the OPTOCAM work with thermal sights?

All units receive the shooters view, whether the unit is connected to a day scope, NV scope or a thermal one. The TSR will project on the monitor and record exactly what the shooter sees.

Can the TSR W operate with only a battery?

No. The system is recording the shooters view via the monitor, therefor it can not record with only a battery. when a light and minimal system is needed, use the TSR SA (record ability without a monitor).